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The Winter Sky

We are proud to commence business as Le Gite de la Loire, to become the new caretakers of this site that was carefully redeveloped by the previous owner in 2010 as Le Gite du Loup.

We have holidayed here a lot over the past few years, but had never been here in the winter; we weren’t sure what it would be like. Happily, we have been snuggled up in the troglo, and have discovered a brilliant micro-climate on the balcony. Granted, the sun needs to be out for this, but if it is shining we can comfortably eat lunch outside when everywhere else would be too cold!

The thing that has struck us most however, is the incredible winter sky! In summer the sky is beautiful, the sun stays up seemingly all evening, and is so high in the sky that you don’t really notice when it rises and sets. Winter is a different story, the sun is low in the sky and creates a unique canvas each dawn and dusk. At first we couldn’t stop taking photos (you’ll find a selection in the gallery), now, we simply remember to pause and gaze out the window at the right moment.

But it’s not just the dawn and dusk that have been striking, it’s the light in general. Sure, there are some dull days, but usually the winter light has been crisp and clear.

Holidaying here in winter is a slightly different way of topping up light and sun deficit, but I would suggest, just as effective. I was intrigued to notice that I’m not the first to reach this conclusion; the L’histoire dans la rue’ plaque at the entrance to our property refers to staying here as ‘Cure d’Air et de Soleil: Eté et Hiver’. I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of the seasons will play out in this special location.