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Historic Rochecorbon

La Lanterne et La Chapelle Saint-Georges


‘In ten minutes, the visitor travels from the city to the countryside, welcomed by a great tower ten meters high – the Lantern’. The Lantern was built in 1095 by Lord Robert of the Rocks on the grip of the castle dating from 1113. It is a strong symbol of Rochecorbon. The watchtower fires warned of danger to nearby Amboise. It was also used to guide the navigators on the Loire.

Visit in September during Heritage Days. Click here for more information.


Built against the rock face, the Chapel dates back to the 11th century and was modified in the 12th. Partially troglodytic, it includes a crypt cut into the tuffeau, a 13th-century stained glass window, and Romanesque frescoes from the 11th and 13th centuries. On 12th April 2016 the Chapelle Saint-Georges was classified as a historic monument by the Minister of Culture and Communion.

Free guided tours from May 15th to October 31st. Click here for more information.

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