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Discover the wine of Rochecorbon & Vouvray

Rochecorbon is one of the 7 communes that have the right to claim the Vouvray area of AOC. The steep slopes hide some 300 ha of vines. The Chenin grape, combined with clay-limestone soils, produces tranquil wines and fine bubbles rich in typicity and diversity. Conserved in tufa cellars dug in the rock, Rochecorbon wines can keep for more than a century, delivering a golden nectar with incomparable perfumes and flavours. « At Vouvray the name, at Rochecorbon, renown. » (Rabelais)

Here are some of the bigger caves within short to medium walking distance:

CHATEAU GAUDRELLE | 12 Quai de la Loire |
02 47 25 93 50 |
Visit the cave and learn about the wine making process. Book a variety of different tasting experiences.

SAINT-ROCH | 65, Quai de la Loire |
02 47 40 40 20 |
Take a tour of the caves, explore the history and the art of wine making, and taste form a large selection of wines.

BRÉDIF | 87 Quai de la Loire |
02 47 52 50 07
Visit the caves rich in history and experience, and taste from house and local wines. Or, book a private visit and tasting experience.

MONCONTOUR | Rue de Moncontour, Vouvray |
02 47 52 60 77
Taste from a large selection of wines, and visit the Vineyard and Wine Museum.

CAVE de VOUVRAY | 38, « La Vallée Coquette » Vouvray |
02 47 52 75 03
Wine Store | 24 Avenue Léon Brûle, Vouvray |
02 47 52 72 51
Cave des Producteurs de Vouvray. Taste wine from local producers, and take a tour of Caves de Vouvray.

Click for more information about local wine producers and tours:

ESPACE DE VIN DE VOUVRAY |  20 rue Victor Hugo, Vouvray |
02 47 52 71 07 |

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Click here for a list of Rochecorbon wine producers.