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Drama for Teens – in English!

Drama and Improvisation classes are traditionally a fun way to start learning about theatre technique, along with building creativity and everyday confidence. Participating in a drama class in a foreign language will of course be different – it does, however, offer an alternative step in advancing your spoken English.
Perhaps one of the hardest steps when learning a new language is gaining the ability to use it in a natural situation – it can be challenging to think of words and phrases ‘on the spot’. Improvisation and drama techniques provide a forum to strengthen new language connections and build the ability to speak confidently – come and let creativity take you to the next level of your English learning!

What type of exercises would we do in a session?
– Real to life role-play scenarios, for ‘on the spot’ thinking and speaking, and vocab and grammar practice (character types can be added for dramatic fun!).
– Short simple scripts, to build understanding of word and sentence structure, and for speech rhythm and body language.
– tongue twisters and vocal exercises, to wake up the new face and mouth muscles which are needed to aid pronunciation!

What level of English do I need to have?
A solid beginner to intermediate level would be beneficial – but whatever your level, a willingness to attempt (make mistakes!), practice and progress will be best.

Consult this page, or follow Theatre Sparks on Facebook, to find out about future classes and events. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or requests | e | t 07 71 86 37 76