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Theatre Sparks

I enjoy using drama and storytelling as a way to engage people in creativity – for young or old, confident or shy, creativity is a skill for life!
I’ve always been imaginative, and found my taste for the arts early; I’ve performed in theatre, children’s theatre and forum theatre, I’ve run drama clubs, co-created performances, and run storytelling sessions designed to incorporate even the most imaginative ideas.
I trained in the Performing Arts in New Zealand (my country of origin), and gained my Master of Arts in Theatre Dramaturgy while living in the UK.
Now that I am living in France I understand well the challenges of learning a new language! So I would like to use drama and storytelling to provide an informal-learning opportunity to help French children and teens (perhaps also adults) advance in their English learning experience.

Consult this page, or follow Theatre Sparks on Facebook, to find out about future classes and events. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or requests | e | t 07 71 86 37 76

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