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Learn English with drama and storytelling

Interactive Storytelling – listen in

Together we use actions and characters to animate the story – the audience are encouraged to join in with actions, words and ideas. The stories can be told from a popular book, or the group can make up the story together.

  • Observation questions to name characters, colours, weather, objects, emotions …
  • Using pictures or actions to identify keywords

Make a Play – put words into action

Through a series of sessions, we create a short play. The drama workshops will explore, characters, setting and storyline. The play will be developed using words and ideas from the students.

  • Adaption of a children’s book
  • A literature exploration (Shakespeare, Dickens)
  • From a theme you would like to explore

Role-play to speak without prompts – let’s get talking
‘Practice makes perfect’ – One of the hardest steps when learning a new language is gaining the ability to use it in a natural situation – it can be challenging to think of words, phrases and pronunciation ‘on the spot’.

  • Real to life role-play scenarios, for ‘on the spot’ recall and speech (character types can be added for dramatic fun).
  • Short simple scripts, to consolidate understanding of grammar and sentence structure, speech rhythm and body language.
  • Tongue twisters and vocal exercises, to wake up the new face and mouth muscles which are needed to aid pronunciation (words are harder to remember if you can’t say them)!

These sessions can be adapted to suit your group and ability level, and for one-to-one learning.

For more information contact: | 07 71 86 37 76