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Storytelling – in English!

I tell stories in an interactive style (usually without the book), using actions, voice and character to bring it alive. I involve the children by inviting them to engage their imaginations and participate with actions and ideas. Sometimes the stories are told using a popular book as the basis, but other times we all make up the story together as we go along – anything could happen!

Storytelling as an informal-learning experience can be an extra step on the way to improving English. In this relaxed, fun session, the children listen, observe and make connections and associations, which can enable them to think of English words and phrases ‘on the spot’. Creativity and learning go together well and can give surprising results and progress – come and see where their imaginations will take them!

Consult this page, or follow Theatre Sparks on Facebook, to find out about future classes and events. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or requests | e | t 07 71 86 37 76